Meet Deborah

Born and raised in Texas, Deborah Gagliardi moved to Arlington in 1992 so she could send her children to better schools and further her own education at The University of Texas at Arlington. In 1996, she received her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, which she used to start her own architectural and engineering firm, Gagliardi Group Inc. Ever since then, Deborah has been successfully negotiating with the public and private sectors to design, develop, and oversee numerous construction projects in the area, including the Texas Ranger's baseball stadium and the North Richland Hills' city hall. 

Throughout her career, Deborah has stood up for the rights of her clients and fellow citizens, valuing quality and transparency over making a quick buck at the expense of the public good. When the City of Arlington spent taxpayer dollars courting a contractor with a history of over-budget, poorly constructed projects, Deborah fought to expose them. If elected, her first priorities will be not only to fix the existing infrastructure in District 6, but to overhaul how infrastructure is built and maintained. High-cost, low-quality vanity projects will be a thing of the past.  

Gagliardi Group is based in Arlington, Texas, but Deborah has completed on-time and on-budget projects all across the state. In 2001, after Tropical Storm Allison destroyed the Texas Medical Center, Deborah spent the whole summer in Houston, where she lent her professional expertise to the relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts. Her practical knowledge of clinical infrastructure and building codes later landed her projects such as the Veteran's Affairs Hospital in San Antonio and a large, multi-use medical office building in North Richland Hills. 

Now Deborah wants to use her business expertise and construction experience to rebuild Congress. Her platform hinges on three simple, but vital issues: infrastructure, transparency, and growth.